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For the home services and connections you need, CenturyLink offers great deals and convenient packaging of High-Speed Internet, Home Phone and DIRECTV. By choosing CenturyLink service for your High-Speed Internet, you enjoy more that the web has to offer with fast connections that are always available and ready to go.

CenturyLink High-Speed Internet

High-Speed Internet Helps You Achieve More

CenturyLink High-Speed Internet is far faster than dial-up, satellite and wireless cellular Internet speeds. Instead of waiting for those providers to meet your needs, use CenturyLink at full speed now. With CenturyLink, you can:

  • Stream videos and music without lagging or interruption
  • Fully enjoy social media
  • Utilize a VPN to work from home
  • Start and build your own home business
  • Skype or video chat with friends and family
  • Share photos, apps and more
  • Play online video games
  • Surf throughout the web
  • Send emails at lightning speed
  • Shop for things you love
CenturyLink Guarantee

Benefits of Being a CenturyLink Customer

When you are a CenturyLink customer, you enjoy more benefits that just High-Speed Internet, DIRECTV and Home Phone service. CenturyLink values customers and works to ensure all of these most important stakeholders are happy with services and support.

CenturyLink provides every customer with:

  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly competitive pricing for High-Speed Internet
  • Continuous, unlimited Internet access
  • Uninterrupted service during bad weather
  • Highly competitive speeds outperforming competition in most areas, particularly in rural and underserved areas
  • Exceptional customer care and tech support available by phone 24 hours per day and seven days per week
CenturyLink Phone Service

Phone Service You Can Rely On

CenturyLink provides reliable Home Phone service as they have for 85 years. As one of the largest telephone providers in America, CenturyLink prides itself on competitive pricing on Home Phone service and long distance calling. Clear, reliable service keeps customers connected to the people they love most and the rest of the world, despite challenging weather and electrical outages. When emergency help is needed, first responders are only a call away with quick and reliable geolocation through landlines.

CenturyLink Options and Pricing Ensure the Right Fit

CenturyLink provides customers with the best available pricing with many choices, such as varied speeds for your home Internet access. When bundled with Home Phone or DIRECTV entertainment, you can save even more on your monthly bill.

DIRECTV Home Entertainment the Whole Family Enjoys

DIRECTV partnership with CenturyLink provides satellite television entertainment you expect from the leading and largest provider in the country. Consumers have access to incredible and exciting packaging with varied pricing, language packages, international lineups, HD programming, premium channels, sports packages, On Demand movies and so much more.

Customers receive impressive reception and selection with the added benefit of to DIRECTV technology that allows on-the-go viewing on Internet enabled devices. Genie whole home HD DVR permits recording of up to five programs at once and even more advantages.

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